Auto Kindle eBook Converter
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A Kindle Converter create a simple converter using command line tools.

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Auto Kindle eBook Converter Description

Project Outline: Create a simple converter using command line tools that will Detect FileTypes and convert documents in .lit, .chm, .pdf, .pdb, .html to .mobi for use with the Amazon Kindle

The best way to look at this project is to simplify the conversion process. There are definitely more mature applications that do the same tasks.
This project may end up in that direction in the future but I live in a world of portable data. I want to just be able to grab an exe and run the app. Many of these larger projects require installation and can be bloated. Not that they are not fantastic for the low lever computer user but any time you combine your tools into one large app there is the possibility of the application losing focus. My best example is iTunes. Not that I am going to make the statement that calibre is going to go that way. Of course not it is an open source project and we all know that open source works so I have faith. My world is that if I were to make a library to manage a users eBooks along with my converter. All it would do is call upon my converter to do the work. Not one large app but many small apps. Actually this is the direction used in calibre and I applaud it. But his small app mentality starts and STOPS at the converter and device driver level. This could go either way.

This project was originally a quick and dirty method for me to convert my ebook collection in various formats to a kindle compatible format without worrying about the ebook source type. It takes PDF, Lit, PDB, CHM, and HTML files and converts them to .mobi.

Auto Kindle eBook Converter Screenshots

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What's New in Auto Kindle eBook Converter 0.4.50

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Auto Kindle eBook Converter Requirements

Operating Systems:

Windows XP, 2000, 98

System Requirements:

No additional system requirements.

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